The Most Notorious and Deadliest Roads In The World

By  3 weeks ago

Are you brave enough to travel on these roads? From mudslides to steep drops, all of these highways have something in common: They are notoriously deadly.




This is probably the ricketiest bridge you’ll ever see. No railings, wooden planks, and it’s only wide enough to fit one vehicle.

Not A Fun Time

dangerroadIf you ever get stuck in a snowstorm here… Forget about it. You’ll be stranded at least for the rest of the. way.


It’s a little hard to tell, but there is a road on the side of this huge mountain! This road was built using hammers and chisels by 13 villagers in 1977.


Atlantic Road

Don’t let these beautiful views distract you! This road is basically like a rollercoaster with crazy hills and hairpin turns.

No, Thanks


There are a total of eight bridges on this stretch. Pair all of that up with the bizarre Norway weather, and you’ve got one of the most dangerous roads in the world!

Stelvio Pass


Dollar Tree

Where else would this be other than Switzerland? This is one of the highest roads in Europe with an average elevation of 9,000 feet… Yikes.

Drive Slow!


Also, there are 48 hairpin turns on this route. Try not to fall off of the mountain!


Highway 1


Highway 1 runs through Central Florida along the east coast. It stretches about 545 miles.

You’re Stuck!


It is a long time to be on a bridge with absolutely no exits… This is basically most people’s worst nightmare. What if you were stuck in traffic and also on this bridge with no exits? Woof.

Pan-American Highway


This highway network is a whopping 19,000 miles long from start to finish. It runs through 15 countries and multiple different climates! It’s quite the journey.

Desolate Area


Because of that, there are miles and miles of road where there is absolutely nothing. It’s completely desolate. And in that case, it can be dangerous. If you have an emergency, you’re probably out of luck.

Paso de Los Libertadores


This road runs along the Chile-Argentina border and is absolutely perilous. This is definitely a scenic route, but it’s also one route where you’d want to keep your eyes on the road!

Those Darn Turns


There are about 20 hairpin turns on this route. Naturally, speedsters love this road and are known to crash on here.

Col Du Chaussy


Not only is this a super twisty and windy road, but it’s also extremely narrow. Also, this photo doesn’t do it justice.

Take It Easy


Going down the hill is actually a pretty significant slope. No, thanks! This is not for people who are terrified of heights.

Fairy Mountain


As you can probably tell, this stretch of Pakistan is named after the fact that it looks like fairies live there!

Is It Magical?


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