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Welcome to Sgt Pepper Photos Paul McCartney’s dad’s group ‘Jim Mac’s Band’. According to singer, songwriter and actress Kate Robbins (Paul McCartney’s first cousin once removed) this photo is owned in most of the McCartney households. It’s not difficult to spot the similarity to the Sgt Pepper cover. Jim McCartney is on the front row, […]

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Ten Garden Benches Made From Recycled Things — Top 10 of Anything and Everything – The Fun Top Ten Blog

With summer coming up thick and fast you might want to consider getting a new bench for the garden. But why spend money when you can make one from various things that you might throw away? These ten garden benches are all made from things that have been repurposed, recycled and of course, reused… …

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Police Now Warn, Stop Keeping This In Your Glove Compartment

It’s one of those things you keep in your car and never think twice about it. In fact, growing up and taking drivers ed in school they even suggested it. Now police are saying you need to do it and they have a good reason.

Imagine the scenario: You go out to eat with your wife and park your car. During your meal, your car gets broken into. The thief goes right for the glove box to find your registration. On your registration is your home address. Knowing that you’re out and not home, they head there and take all your precious belongings. And it’s even easier because they have your car and your garage door opener. So if a neighbor sees your car pull into the garage, they won’t think anything of it.

Both the authorities and the National Insurance Crime Bureau now urge you to remove your registration from your car. What they suggest instead is either keep a copy in your wallet or take a photo to keep on your cell phone. Since technologies have advanced, cops don’t need your actual registration; they can look it up on their computers most of the time.



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Here’s What It Means If You See A Sock Placed On A Car’s Dashboard

You know it’s winter when your windows fog up. Not only is this one of the most annoying features of the season, it’s also extremely dangerous if you don’t take it seriously. Hopefully you’ve never experienced the panic of being on an busy road when your car windows start to fog up. Add some ice and/or snow to the mix, and you have a recipe for a wintertime disaster.

Thankfully, there is an easy fix to eliminate foggy windows for good. All you need is a sock and some kitty litter.

That’s right, cat litter has many other uses besides just absorbing your favorite cat’s unmentionables. Cat litter is scientifically designed to absorb moisture in the air around it. So, if you place a sock with cat litter in your car, there will be less water molecules flying around in the air. Less water molecules means a reduced chance for these molecules to condense and blur up your windows.

Our car windows fog up on the inside during the winter because the inside temperature is so much higher than the outside temperature. This makes the water molecules inside the car condense and form on the car’s windows.

Most people recommend using crystal cat litter for this trick. That’s only because crystal cat litter tends to be less stinky than other brands. However, any cat litter you can tolerate the smell of is good enough. Just fill a sock with the cat litter, tape it up with masking tape, and place it in your car. It’s really that simple. Leave the sock on the dashboard by the front window overnight, and you should walk into your car in the morning with absolutely no fog on the inside.

There are a few other tips that also work for this foggy problem if you don’t like the cat litter trick. One other tip involves using shaving cream. Just spray a bit of shaving cream on a towel and wipe it all over the foggy window. After you’ve spread the cream all around, then wipe it off thoroughly with a dry towel. You should immediately see results.

The last tip involves defogging the mirror using your car’s AC. Be sure your heat is on full blast and that you are shooting the air at your front window. Also ensure your AC is on. This is the textbook “correct” way to defog a window, but it could take longer than the other two methods.

Whatever method you use for defogging your windows, it is important to always ensure your windows are totally clear before driving. Also, be sure your mirrors are all in the correct positions and that you can see clearly through every single one of them. Safe driving habits are so critical to practice during winter.

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